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January 4, 2011

#4: Abbey Road Coffee

1 oz Amaretto
1 oz Black Raspberry Liquer
1 oz Coffee Liquer
Fill glass with hot black coffee, top with whipped cream, and drizzle with chocolate syrup.

This is a twist on the drink from yesterday, the Abbey Road. Same alcohol ingredients, but adding the rest makes it totally different.

I had leftover coffee this morning due to some unforeseen circumstances. The power went out overnight, and still was not on when we got up. In desperate need of our morning coffee, my wife sent me off to the nearest mini-mart, since we could not run the coffee maker without power. Of course, just as I got back with 2 tall black coffees, the power had come back on and she had started the coffee. Our Cuisinart machine has a metal carafe that keeps the coffee warm for hours. Once it is brewed, the machine shuts off and does not actively keep the carafe warmed. One morning I made coffee but never drank it, and the next morning when I emptied it out, the coffee was still hot. Not warm, but hot. So, I had plenty of hot black coffee for this test. Dionysus must be favoring me.

The Amaretto and Coffee Liquer flavors from the regular Abbey Road were masked by the black coffee, which made the Black Rasperry flavor stronger. I thought that this would be an even sweeter drink, what with the whipped cream and the chocolate syrup added, but the black coffee dilutes all of that.

A nice warm drink on a cold rainy day. Or a good holiday party drink. You may need to stir the whipped cream a bit to break it down, or it will end up on your nose, and the photo of you from the holiday party looking like an albino Rudolph will end up on Facebook.

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