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January 24, 2011

#24: Aggravation (aka Teacher's Pet)

1 oz Scotch
1 oz Coffee Liquer
Pour into a serving glass filled with ice, then fill with milk or cream and shake.

Scotch, or Scotch Whiskey, is actually whiskey made in Scotland (go figure). In Britain they call it whiskey, but everywhere else is referred to as Scotch, which seems par for the course with our friends back there. Whiskey has been produced in Scotland for hundreds of years; even the name whiskey comes from the Gaelic "usquebaugh", meaning "Water of Life". And that is exactly how some people treat it.

Whiskey comes in 5 categories: Single Malt, Single Grain, Blended Malt, Blended Grain, and Blended. To qualify for the name of Scotch whiskey, it must be aged in oak barrels for at least 3 years. There are tons of regulations, and in face a whole subculture devoted to this spirit. Check out more here.

This was a mellow drink. The cream was smooth, and the scotch and coffee liquer combined to make it even smoother. I think using milk instead of cream would make this a bit too light for most people, unless you used whole milk, or you could sub in half-and-half.

The taste was nice, like an adult milkshake if you use the cream. This really needs to be shaken well for the cream ti mix well with the alcohol. The coffee liquer and the scotch go together really well, complimenting each other in both the smoothness and richness of flavor.

Use this drink to hide your alcohol in your milk when the kids are driving you crazy.

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