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January 17, 2011

#17: After Eight

1/2 oz Coffee Liquer
1/2 oz White Creme de Menthe
1/2 oz Irish Cream
Layer the items in this order to make this a floater.

I believe this gets it name from After Eight Thin Mints, the British chocolate after dinner mint. That is also where we here in the US got the name for Thin Mints, the Girl Scout cookies. And looking at the ingredients, it's easy to anticipate the flavors from this.

Damn, another floater. I had trouble getting the ingredients to remain separate. Since I'm not trying to be a professional bartender here, I measured each ingredient into a jigger and used a small spoon to scoop them out and slowly pour them into the drink. Of course the Coffee Liquer was easy, as it was the first ingredient. The White Creme de Menthe sort of kept separate, but enough was on top of the Coffee Liquer to create a good barrier for the Irish Cream on top.

Creme de Menthe is a liquer made from peppermint that can be either green or white. The white is actually clear.

This was a very sweet drink. The Coffee Liquer and Irish Cream made for a strong coffee flavor, as one would expect, and the touch of mint from the White Creme de Menthe was a nice touch. not too strong nor too much of a bite.

This drink would be great for sipping late at night. It actually has a small amount of alcohol, only 1 1/2 oz, about 1 shot, so it would not last long. Savor the flavors by sipping. Good as an after dinner drink, but I think this would be too sweet for many people. Why not skip coffee at your table after dinner and order one of these from the bar instead? It would be a great segue to dessert, or maybe even a replacement to dessert at the bar.

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