Every day a different drink. Not just how to make them, but a detailed review of how they actually taste, photos of the drinks, and stories along the way. Starting from the beginning, The Bartender's Black Book will be our guide, taking us

(and our livers) on a journey from which we may never recover. Cheers!

January 15, 2011

#15: Affogato

An espresso poured over vanilla or chocolate gelato or ice cream

The first non-alcoholic drink in the book. I seed vanilla ice cream, which I had in the freezer. You get exactly what you would expect from this drink. A nice strong espresso flavor, making this essentially a hot milkshake. I guess I could make this again with chocolate ice cream or gelato, which would taste very different, but there's not much point. You know going in what this will be. I didn't expect much, and didn't get much.

I probably should have made this in a smaller glass. The amount of espresso used to fill the glass was too much, and will probably keep me up all night.

This is good for non-drinkers on a cold night.

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