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January 31, 2011

#31: Alabama Slammer (frozen)

1/2 cup ice
1 oz Vodka or Orange Vodka
1 oz Southern Comfort
Dash of Sloe Gin or Grenadine
Scoop of Orange Sherbet
Combine in blender, blend until smooth. If too thick add orange juice, if too thin add ice or sherbet.
Garnish with orange.

Several years ago I was home from work for the day, and my teenage daughter and I hung out for the afternoon watching TV and cracking inapropriate jokes about the news stories of the day. Now, teenage girls are not known for their immediate grasp of the current events of the day, unless they involve Snooky or some horrible "music" act. I think at one point she had to ask me if they had misspelled Iraq when they meant Iran. No honey, they are different countries, really.

Anyway, remember when Michael J. Fox was testifying in front of Congress on behalf of Parkinson's research? Several minutes passed with Marty McFly speaking, and showing the world the extent to which the disease had made his life more difficult by his intense shaking. Finally my daughter turned to me and asked:
"Isn't he a famous actor? Why is he so nervous up there?"

Maybe that's why I drink.


Well, our first frozen drink. And the last of the Alabama Slammers. This took a bit more work than the previous drinks, getting out the blender and all. The small amount of alcohol in the recipe led me to think that this would be a relatively weak drink, but the vodka and Southern Comfort really came through. It was much stronger than what I thought it would be.

I like my smoothies thick, so I added just a touch more ice and 1/2 a scoop more of sherbet. The drink was still strong, but tasty. The orange sherbet surprisingly worked well with the different alcohols. I anticipated that this would come out too sweet for my taste, but that wasn't the case. It really did taste like a frozen version of an Alabama Slammer 2, although creamier from the orange sherbet, and a bit less of a bite without the orange juice.

Overall this is a mild tasting drink that goes down well. It's great for sipping (gulp and you get a brain freeze). The alcohol keeps the ice and sherbet from melting too quickly, which is a nice effect.

When the kids run off to the ice cream truck on hot summer days, make yourself one of these.

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