Every day a different drink. Not just how to make them, but a detailed review of how they actually taste, photos of the drinks, and stories along the way. Starting from the beginning, The Bartender's Black Book will be our guide, taking us

(and our livers) on a journey from which we may never recover. Cheers!

January 20, 2011

#20: Afterburner

1 oz Peppered Vodka
1 oz Cinnamon Schnapps
1 oz Coffee Liquer
Shake in a mixing glass filled with ice, and strain into a shot glass.

This sounds serious. Once I had it poured, it had an appealing color and overall look to it. Sitting there in the glass, it seemed almost festive. Tasting it, the cinnamon was predominant. You couldn't really smell it, but you certainly could taste it. Then the peppered vodka hit the back of the tongue, the roof of the mouth, and the throat. Sweet, but strong flavors. It burned, but in a good way. And even more so since it was cold.

The second sip was stronger, and I even felt it in my nose. This could clear your sinuses quickly. It will also take you down to the floor quickly if you have a few.

Order this when you want to challenge you coworkers to shots at the holiday party. They won't know what hit them.

A milestone here. This drink finishes off the first page of the book. Let's celebrate with a drink!

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