Every day a different drink. Not just how to make them, but a detailed review of how they actually taste, photos of the drinks, and stories along the way. Starting from the beginning, The Bartender's Black Book will be our guide, taking us

(and our livers) on a journey from which we may never recover. Cheers!

March 16, 2011


The time has come to jump ship on our jobs for a few days and head out to see some Spring Training games in Arizona. With that in mind, The Drink Diary will skip a few days, and come back in full swing next week.

I was going to say that the Drink Diary would be on "hiatus", but it seemed too formal. This isn't a television show (although it would be nice to be optioned), and when you type it into Wikipedia, it directs you to a whole page about "recess". Drinking like this isn't for kids. So cut to the chase, and vacation it is.

Thanks for reading, tell your friends, try the veal. Come by for the drinks, stay for the jokes, or something like that.

Really, thanks for reading.

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