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February 20, 2011

#51: Amber Cloud

1 1/2 oz Cognac
1/2 oz Galliano
Pour into a snifter glass, then microwave for 10 seconds.

Diane went on and on, her story interminable and endless. Her voice droned and abraded my ears, as my head bobbed forward towards sleep. I tried to steal a glance at the clock on the wall without her noticing. Going on 20 minutes now, while I had TPS-80 forms to fill out before the end of the day. Would it ever end? And then I heard: "So that's how my friend went from sexually confused Catholic school boy to gay bank robber wanted in three states."

This drink has got legs, as they say in wine circles. The liquid drips down the inside of a glass. Again I tested this cool before I heated it up, and my god, it was strong. I'm not much of a brandy drinker, so I had that going against me. The Galliano really packed a punch, but when this was heated up the flavors blended a bit more fully. 10 seconds as the recipe calls for was just the right time, and I would recommend that for the previous drink, the Amarist, as well.

The first sip burned the tongue (not from heat, but alcohol), then rose to the roof of the mouth and popped into the sinuses. Any congestion I may have had was quickly cleared up. There was definitely an aftertaste, the slight twang and bitterness of the Galliano mixing oddly with the Cognac. Cognac is traditionally very smooth, and this seemed to take away that smoothness.

I would say this was not one of my favorite drinks. It just seems like an odd combination, and sort of diluted the good aspects of a nice Cognac.

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