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February 17, 2011

#48: Altered State

1 oz Absinthe
1 oz Jagermeister
Combine in a tall glass filled with ice, then fill with an energy drink.

This one has everything: sex, violence, comedy, thrills, tenderness. It opens at fever pitch and then starts soaring—into genetic fantasy, into a precognitive dream of delirium and delight. Madness is its subject and substance, style and spirit. The drink changes tone, even form, with every new mood and mutation. It expands and contracts with your mind until both almost crack. It keeps threatening to go bonkers, then makes good on its threat, and still remains as lucid as an aerialist on a high wire. It moves with the loping energy of a crafty psychopath, or of a bartender gripped with the potential of blowing the drinker's mind out through his eyes and ears. Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to Altered State.*

A little over the top, but not by much. Thank god for Red Bull. Without it this drink would kick your ass faster than you could spell absinthe and jagermeister. As it is they both team up to deliver the promise of a true hurt on your behind. More than one of these and you will be bouncing off the walls like a monkey.

This is actually a pretty good drink, with the licorice and anise flavors mixing with the Red Bull quite nicely. It's just so damn strong, and honestly seems like an excuse to get seriously hammered really quickly. I think I need to lay down in a dark quiet room now.

*Actually a modified review for the movie Altered States from the early 80s.

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