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February 11, 2011

#42: Alien Urine Sample

/2 oz Coconut Rum
1/2 oz Banana Liquer
1/2 oz Peach Schnapps
1/2 Melon Liquer
In a tall glass filled with ice, combine ingredients, then fill with Sour Mix, leaving 1/2 inch at top of glass. Shake, splash with soda water, and top with 1/2 oz Blue Curacao.

When my kids were younger, I would drive them to school. The mornings were usually depressed, quiet affairs. No one wanted to be going where they were going: they had High School and I had a job. Some days it was like the Bataan Death March heading out. Eventually I got tired of the downer mornings, so I tried to make things more interesting. I would do anything to strike up a conversation. Odd topics, news events from the radio, interesting things we saw on the road. Anything.

Well, one day we got to talking about things that hadn't been invented yet, but should be. Things we need. Like an AIDS vaccine, or new energy sources. At least that's what I was talking about. After several minutes, I realized that both my son and daughter were deep in thought. After waiting several minutes for their ideas, I finally couldn't wait, and asked them what they were thinking of.

Daughter: "someone should invent a concrete-lined pond for backyards, so it wouldn't leak."

Son: "it would be cool if someone would invent a bike with a motor that was fast enough to go on the freeway."

Maybe that's why I drink.


Do aliens have green or blue urine? How does anyone know? And why are they leaving samples at bars across America? It must be some sort of plot for world domination that we can't even begin to grasp.

This is a pale tasting drink. I guess aliens don't have really strong urine. They must eat a lot of melons though, as that seems to be the predominant flavor. I couldn't really taste the peach schnapps, but everything else came through. There was a hint of coconut in the smell, but not much for the tongue. The sweetness level was just right, and overall it was very refreshing. The blue swirls from the curacao were pretty cool to see, but by the time I got set up for a photo, everything was blended a bit.

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