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February 4, 2011

#35: Alexander the Great

1 1/2 oz Greek Brandy
1/2 oz Dark Creme de Cacao
2 oz milk or cream
Shake in a mixing glass filled with ice, strain into a chilled glass

Charlie Sheen enters rehab. Why is this even a headline? It should be on the sports page, like a box score in baseball. You could wager on how long he stays in this time.

When his father, Martin Sheen, was filming Apocalypse Now, he had a scene where he is supposed to be having a mental breakdown. In reality, Sheen the Elder had gone on a multi-day drinking binge, and really was starting to have a break from reality during filming. Which answers a few questions right up front. Namely, you don't win Oscars for method acting, I guess. Second, everyone on that film set really had gone crazy, but maybe that was done just to make Marlon Brando feel at home.

So here's my proposal to all of us, including the media. Ignore him, and maybe he'll go away, or at least stay in rehab until we forget about him. Back off on the guy, let him live his own life, and we can get back to wondering how Lindsay Lohan is doing. As miserable as his life is, and I honestly don't think it's all that miserable. I mean, sure, he almost ODs just about once a month like clockwork, but what the hell. Like I said, he's rolling in cash. He could be depressed that he can't spend it fast enough on the hookers anymore. Age does bring its limits, you know, and generic Viagra is right around the corner, so there's another source of revenue spending that's drying up.

His show has such high ratings that CBS, a network so powerful they can keep giving Chuck Lorre shows to fill time slots willy-nilly, is scrambling to try and figure out what to do while he is in rehab this time. Not many companies do that for an employee like him. If I pulled a stunt like calling in sick to work with the lame excuse that I had trashed a hotel room and had gone temporarily blind from massive amounts of alcohol and cocaine, I don't think my boss would be so understanding. I would probably have to enter a facility as well, but most likely a different kind of facility than good old Charlie.

And when he does get back on the set, what the hell does he have to do? I've seen that show, and he really doesn't bring much to the table. He walks around in shorts, makes some lame "jokes" with a deadpan smirk that just reeks of dollar signs in the eyes, and heads out at 2 for drinks and doing blow off hooker's butts.


Well this was a totally different taste, as expected. Although to be honest, sometimes I don't know what to expect when I make a drink for the first time. This had a much richer flavor from the brandy and the Dark Creme de Cacao, which combined for a deep, smooth, rich, mellow flavor. Just what I needed after a long day at work. I guess I need this every day.

I was not sure what Greek Brandy was, other then brandy from Greece. At first I thought it might be Metaxa, but that is a greek brandy mixed with wine, so I was pretty sure that wouldn't work. Surmising that a Greek Brandy would just be a more expensive brandy, like a Cognac, I decided to use regular brandy. No need to go there, as the wallet won't support that.

The "great" version had a slightly darker color, and tasted much stronger then the standard Alexander. Maybe that's what makes it "great". I decided to look ahead to the Brandy Alexander, which is one of the IBA standard drinks. Basically this has 1 oz less of the milk or cream and no nutmeg. I could definitely taste the alcohol, especially the brandy. Almost too much. I could also feel it hit my head pretty quickly, but then I got a warm feeling all over and didn't care anymore.

I'm not sure what the point of this drink is. I would just wait until I get to the standard, the Brandy Alexander. It won't hit you over the head, although if you are lactose intolerant, maybe this one is better for you, and those around you.

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