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February 16, 2011

#47: Almond Mocha Coffee

1 oz Amaretto
1 oz Creme de Cacao
Fill with hot black coffee, top with whipped cream, and sprinkle with shaved almonds and/or shaved chocolate.

You were worried something would go wrong, but all your calculations had given you hope. After months of building, late nights spent in the workshop cutting, bending, and welding, days spent going over every calculation and rivet, you were confident it would work. It just had to.

No longer would you be limited to the standard, pedestrian, clockwise progression of time. You would be your own master, beholden to no clock or watch. You stepped into your timeogrifier and pulled the levers, tensing as the useless little lights you installed blinked away. You shut your eyes, felt a shudder, and opened them on a new world. A world where you would be able to have steak for breakfast and coffee in the evening. Your first test: an Almond Mocha Coffee at 8 pm. Tomorrow, who knows?

So, how do you drink shaved almonds? Let them rest on top of the whipped cream and you get a crunchy dessert at the end of this tasty drink. I must say, the streaks of whipped cream as it melted down the sides of the glass was very cool. Hopefully you can see the streaks in the photo.

This was less sweet than the previous drink, with the bitterness of the black coffee cutting into the sweetness of the amaretto and creme de cacao and blending pleasantly. Basically you get exactly what the name says, almond mocha coffee. Don't stir this, as you will lose the neat streaks down the sides, and the almonds will be lost to the depths.

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