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February 8, 2011

#39: Alien Love Juice

1 oz Tequila
1 oz Blue Curacao
Pour ingredients into a serving glass filled with ice, then fill glass with orange energy drink.

Ah, yes. The much anticipated cocktail from outer space. Who names these things, drunk people? You never know what to expect from something with these 3 words in the name.

Alien: foreign, scary, either will burst out of my chest or steal my job

Love: not after a night of drinking, that's for sure

Juice: will it build bigger muscles, or just be sticky?

Once the orange energy drink and the blue curacao mixed, they gave off a nasty, off-world green color that only worms and Martians might find attractive. Trying to close my eyes and forget about what it looked like, I sipped the concoction, half expecting to either be calling 911 or a therapist soon.

Not bad. It was fairly sweet, with not much of a taste from the tequila. The orange energy drink gave it an odd taste that wasn't quite like orange juice, but didn't provide much fizz. I would have preferred more fizz, but since I really don't drink energy drinks very often, I had no way of knowing how abrogated this would be before I opened the can. Maybe if I was 19 I would have a broader knowledge of the merits between RockStar and Monster.

Overall this was a fairly mild drink. It does not have a lot of alcohol by volume, although you could easily make it stronger by reducing the energy drink, or doubling the alcohol. This is either a total frat party drink, or a club drink. I imagine it would look weird and cool under club lighting, but in the real world, under the harsh sun of a bleary morning after, this just doesn't look so good.

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