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April 3, 2011

#88: Apricot Sour

2 oz Apricot Brandy
Pour into a tall glass with ice, fill with sour mix, and shake
Use an orange slice and a cherry as garnish

This was a little on the sweet side, but still delicious. That could have been because I had recently switched over to store-bought sour mix, rather than making my own. The store-bought stuff seems basically like thin orange syrup, so I think I am going to go back to the homemade stuff, using the recipe in the book, after this.

The tartness of the sour mix was blunted by the sweetness of the apricot brandy. But it was still light, refreshing, and basically was a burst of sweet juicy flavor.

The orange slice sure looked nice, but I wasn't sure what it actually added to the drink. The cherry definitely was a good addition. On top of the contrasting color, it was a welcome flavor addition when it was finally eaten.

Overall this was a good drink. I would actually order this in a bar. The "apricot" part might sound girly, but anything with "sour" in the name has got a little toughness to it.


Hope springs eternal, especially for baseball fans. Those of us who have the fortune to root for (or live and die by, as the case may be) small market teams that have never one the World Series, take special interest in this time of year. For a little while, even the Cubs can be atop the standings. At least until next week.

Another baseball season is upon us, so I thought I would put up a nice photo of my favorite ballpark, Petco Park, where my beloved Padres play. If you look closely, you won't see me in this photo.

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